Dear Percy…This is for you :)

Fiery bubbling rage masked under a foppish facade
the dim-witted exterior served better than most disguise

A poker face, emotionless as a stone
the mask of his fooled her no more

Rising from the ashes as a phoenix might
her love for him weathered all struggle and plight

Both their foolish ego and pride
had greatly widened the divide

But their true love ousted all barriers
And they ended up as they should
Marguerite St. Just in the strong arms of her doting husband, Sir Percy Blakeney

This was an attempt at embodying the relationship that remained at the crux of one of my favorite novels, The Scarlet Pimpernel. A book that had the teenage me dreaming countless nights about finding someone as daring, dashing, mysterious and at the same time caring and tender as the one and only ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’.  It’s true I have remained unsuccessful in the search of my very own Percy till now…But I haven’t given up! The search is still on!

Romantic proposals and all that snazz !

Guess what the first post on my Facebook timeline was… not  hard to guess considering the title, yup, pictures of two childhood sweethearts and their mushy story of love leading up to what most girls (read me) can only dream of ” the bent on one knee proposal” with scenic stuff in the backdrop. There were cute puppies, a lake and lush greenery all captured by a candid photographer hidden in the bushes.

I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to fairy tales because my Prince Charming seems to have suffered from a stroke of dementia or something. Or is his existence just a figment of my imagination?Why do some girls have more than one and some none? \

Haha… I sincerely hope this is not the case, what with my luck it might just be true 😐

Back! For the long haul I hope !

It’s been over a year now and I would be lying if I said I didn’t contemplate getting back online, so much so that i had the whole gist of my next post in my mind. All that was stopping me was in actuality nothing !
A lot of things have happened. New city. New friends. New Me. So to say I didn’t have much to write about would again be another white lie! Maybe I was just lazy, maybe I was hesitant too because a lot of people know about my blog now. But taking inspiration from Ms. Scarlett O Hara I’ll just tell myself ” I can’t think about it now. If I do, this blog post will never happen. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

                      Latent ramblings is ready to ramble again, albeit not as latent-ly as before 😉




I pout , I blush

I swoon, I crush

I sigh, I tease

Batting my long lashes,

Twirling flamboyant skirts

I ensnare the enraptured herd

When caught in the eye of a raging storm

I thunder, I roar

I fight, I scream

I smolder, I blaze

And don’t let societal stereotypes hold me back in.

Often entwined into scandalous complex tales

Spun by gossipers both friends and foes.

Exasperated at the exaggerations

I whimper, I exalt

And play damsel in distress to the core

And yet unwittingly (wittingly?)

Become the subject of slander more and more.

A unique Holi…

As lights are to diwali.
So are colors to Holi .

While many of the ‘very’ sane ppl in India don’t celebrate Holi… It being not very elegant or sophisticated. Most of sane and insane India celebrates Holi with full gusto, colors and water !!
But there’s also this another insanely insane group that just refuses play by the rule book. They play with everything but colors. Be it mud, oil paints, eggs … Oh the list is endless .
My college however has this famous tradition of kicchad (wet mud) Holi! So for this one day, forget lectures, forget classes (some would say we do that everyday :P) and Techo turns from a college to literally a mud spa with students running around drenched in mud from head to toe!
And now that the skin is nourished why should the hair be left behind!? So you have eggs splashed on each others head. Some would say ewwww but the insanely insane say: bura na mano Holi hai! 😉

Personally Techo changed my perspective of holi and tempted the child in me to try it out once again! After yrs and years of playing with color and water, Holi had become bit of a bore, somewhat mundane….But this new take on Holi i must say was worth a try and oh boy! Was it fun !!

A very Happy Holi and Happy Dhuleti to all my readers !!

Travelogue #1


Never fathomed that I would embark to explore uncharted waters all alone and surprisingly the journey was anything but lonely. Never expected travelling alone to be so blissful, so fulfilling and so refreshing. I considered myself to be someone who thrived in a group of people, who interacts very cautiously initially with people before showing them my other version …the crazy talkative one who’d never stop till asked to do so 😛 Having typecast myself, I had very little expectations from the impending trip to Punjab right in the middle of winter, but it was a pleasant surprise to discover how much I enjoyed it!

Interacting with complete strangers, getting a fresh chance to influence how people perceive you and learning a chapter or two from their life was an immensely enriching experience.Also the golden moments of peace of mind whilst sitting by the window and watching trees zooming past you, it seemed as if you were static, unfazed while the world rushed by, like you were the epicenter, the only stationary , the only one unfazed by the vicissitudes of normal life. Like you were above all those petty material forces that drives today’s insatiable youth.

It gave me a spiritual high, though it was in no way even remotely related to any god or religion. I have resolved to take one such hiatus every year. For me it’s a rejuvenating spa therapy, only not for my body but for my mind.